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Zumba - Zumba is a fun, inspirational dance class using Latin, Hip Hop, and Bollywood music. All the fun of dance with the benefits of fitness.


Zumba Burn - Torch calories and tone your body while moving to Zumba rhythms.


PoundFit - PoundFit is a unique class using drumsticks and drumming movements for a total body workout.


PoundFit Kids (9-12 yr old) - A fun exercise class where students will sweat while jamming to upbeat music with drumsticks.


Intro to Barre - This class will focus on toning and tightening your body while improving flexibility and grace.

Yoga Foundations - (Beginner)  This class is perfect for anyone new to yoga or anyone looking for repetition. In this class, students will learn to sync breath to movement. We will go through a number of sun salutations and other traditional yoga poses to gain strength, flexibility, and energy. This class stays the same weekly so students can become familiar with the basic poses.


Yinyasa -  (Intermediate) Yinyasa fuses the yin style of yoga where passive postures are held for long periods of time with the dynamic, yang flow of vinyasa. The class begins with vinyasa where we flow breath to posture. The flowing movement includes intermediate to advanced postures requiring balance and strength. The heat and body awareness generated burns energy and mind chatter allowing you to relax deeply into the yin section. The yin section is designed to release connective tissues and create space in the joints.


Gentle Flow - (Beginner) This class is very similar to Yinyasa, but is the beginner level. The first half flows very slowly through a modified vinyasa sequence. The second half finishes with yin or restorative as its also known, where postures are held for several minutes.


Vinyasa - (Intermediate/Advanced)  Vinyasa is a flowing, dynamic sequence of poses. Students learn to flow through postures gracefully matching breath with movements. Students can expect to be challenged in this class, but modifications are offered to bring the class to your level.


Yoga/Zumba Express - All the benefits of our zumba and yoga classes fit into your lunch our.


Glow Yoga/Zumba - A glow in the dark dance party! Fun, friends, and fitness!!

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